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Here you'll find a few releases we have featured in our store this month. These releases are available at the front desk in-store where you can give them a listen. They are not necessarily new releases, just releases chosen by our staff as deserving a listen. Enjoy.

Ostertag, DJ OF THE YEAR (Cover, 5K)

Bob Ostertag - DJ of the Month (2002)
Used CD • $8.99

Listen to a sample: "DJ of the Month" [Download a 30 sec. sample of "DJ of the Month"]

DJ of the Month is the second volume of Bob Ostertag's solo improvisation series (the first being Like a Melody, No Bitterness). With his sampling keyboard Ostertag manipulates, distorts, and atomizes his deep library of samples, including natural sounds, live instruments, and even his own music, often until they're completely unrecognizable (though at around four minutes I recognize a bit of "You Are Going Nowhere" from Twins!). The result is wonderfully chaotic—the opening sounds like someone falling down the stairs in a cartoon. If "sampling" and "free improve" seem like mutually exclusive terms to you, give this disc a listen. If you have a friend for whom the word sampling means P. Diddy, play them this.

Visit Bob Ostertag's Web site

Walcker & Arad, MONSTER (Cover, 10K)

Chenard Walcker & Roy 'Chicky' Arad - Monster (2004)
Used CD • $7.99

Listen to a sample: "Childhood" [Download a 30 sec. sample of "Childhood"]

The result of a collaboration between French plunderphonics artist Chenard Walcker and Israeli poet Roy "Chicky" Arad, Monster is a layered, beat-driven work that sets Arad's poetry to Walcker's musical collage. The collaboration began when, as part of a remix project, Walcker remixed a poem of Arad's from his album Tourists, come to Israel, it's a nice country. Arad liked the result so much that he invited Walcker to remix his poem "The Owl" (the result of which appears on this album). Not only will Monster appeal to fans of Negativland et al., but it also has a style that will appeal to fans of Eno & Byrnes' My Life in the Bush of Ghosts.

Visit Chenard Walcker's Web siteVisit Roy 'Chicky' Arad's Web site

Strane, ECHO WAR (Cover, 4K)

Igon Strane - Echo War (2008)
CD • $13.99

Listen to a sample: "Bug" [Download a 30 sec. sample of "Bug"]

Here we have a release of improvised guitar noise, or as French improviser Strane calls it "tone color improvisation." Guitars were prepared with items such as a magnet on the pickups or a spoon, then run through fuzz effects, resulting in grimy, static-y, feedback laden noise. Most of the time the album goes for the wall of noise sound, but in a few places there's a really nice flicker effect. If tuneless, structureless, noise is an attractive description to you, then you won't be disappointed.

Visit Igon Strane's Web site

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