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What are you looking for?

Are you looking for some obscure release on some small label. Or maybe it's on another label that's gone under. Or an import. Or limited edition. Whatever it is you know you're not just going to walk into your favorite store and find it on the shelf. It's a common problem for fans of art music. That's where our Personal Music Hunter service comes in.

Most independent record stores will take an order for you from their distributers. avant! records will go a step further. If we can't get a title from our distributers, we'll search high and low through other independent retailers and sellers on your behalf. If we find it, we'll give you the choice: we can either point you to where we found it for a finder's fee, or we can purchase it as your agent and you buy it from us (plus a finder's fee and a percent of the purchase price).

How it works

  1. First talk to our staff. Who knows, it might not be as hard to find as you think, and you'll save some money if we order it from a distributer.
  2. If you still want us to look, fill out the form provided on the following page. You'll need to give us the following information: Your name and contact information, information on the release you are searching for (artist, title, label, year, format), how long you are willing to wait, and how much you are willing to pay.
  3. If we find the release, at that time we will contact you and ask you how you want to proceed:
    • If you want to purchase the recording directly from the vendor, you will pay us a $15 finder's fee and we will give you the information
    • If you want to purchase through us, we will purchase the item, and you will pay us the purchase price + $10 finder's fee + 20% of the purchase price to receive the item.

If you are ready to make a request, use the link below to access the form.

Image: Record