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About Us

Cozy Armchair eBookbinders began when our founder, Bill Pernell, received an Amazon Kindle eBook reader for his 33rd birthday. Not have having any real money of his own, he was immediately drawn to many of the existing free eBook sites on the internet. But he quickly found that most available free eBooks were so poorly formatted that they made for a frustrating read. The tables of contents were unusable, headings were indistinguishable from body text, footnotes were unlinked, and chapters ran together. It didn’t take long for him to discover that he could do a better job himself.

Starting with a few public domain and Creative Commons titles, Bill converted texts to MobiPocket format for his own use. As his library grew, it seemed a shame to do all that work and keep the books for himself. So he began to distribute his eBook editions, a project which grew into Cozy Armchair eBookbinders. Now that handful of titles has grown into several, with more to come, available from a growing number of online retailers.

About Our Books

Our books are MobiPocket format which makes them compatible with Amazon Kindle and any other MobiPocket eBook reader. Format is important to us, so all of our books include:

Our titles include a variety of genres, including pulp crime, science fiction, and spiritual and esoteric subjects.

We hope that you make the time to curl up with a good eBook.