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Our Titles

This is only a selection of our titles, as well as a few upcoming. These should give you an idea of the types of eBooks we produce.

Also see our samples page, where you can download a few select titles for free.

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  • William Hope Hodgson, The House on the Borderland, 1908.

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  • Elliott Chaze, Black Wings Has My Angel, 1953.
  • Ed Lacy, Dead End, 1959.
  • Charles Willeford, Cockfighter, 1962.

Expand or collapse: Religion/Spirituality

  • Jacob Boehme, The Signature of All Things (And Other Writings), Tr. Unknown, 1912 (Orig. 1621).
  • P.R.S. Foli, Fortune Telling by Cards, 1915.
  • Rudolph Steiner, Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and Its Attainment, Tr. George Metaxa, 1949 (Orig. 1904).

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  • Harry Harrison, Deathworld, 1960-8.
  • Albert Teichner, Cerebrum, 1963.

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  • Octavus Roy Cohen, The Corpse That Walked, 1951

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  • The Gospel of Philip
  • William Lilly, An Introduction to Astrology, Ed. Zadkiel, 1852 (Orig. Christian Astrology, 1647).

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  • Philip K. Dick, [an as yet unnamed collection of short stories]