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Thumbnail: Boehme cover

Author: Jacob Boehme (Tr. Unknown)
Title: The Signature of All Things (And Other Writings)
Genre: Religion/Spirituality

A discourse on a fundamental law of esoteric traditions, the idea that all things in Creation have a secret meaning, by German Christian Mystic Jacob Boehme (1575-1624). Originally published as De Signatura Rerum in 1621, this translation appeared in 1912; the translator is unknown. This text also includes the works The Suprasensual Life and Of Heaven and Hell.

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Thumbnail: Harrison cover

Author: Harry Harrison
Title: Deathworld
Genre: Science Fiction

Originally serialized in Analog Magazine in the 1960s, this volume represents the entire Deathworld trilogy. The story of Jason dinAlt, psychic gambler, on the world of Pyrrus. Wikipedia: "On the planet Pyrrus, human colonists have fought a centuries-old war with the native life forms. These life forms adapt to human tactics and technology, evolving new species so rapidly that natives returning from even brief trips off planet must be carried in protective armor canisters from their ship to the safe buildings, where they will learn of the latest deadly threats." (Wikipedia)

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Thumbnail: Steiner cover

Author: Rudolph Steiner (Tr. George Metaxa)
Title: Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and Its Attainment
Genre: Religion/Spirituality

This is Steiner’s guide for initiates to an esoteric tradition, originally published in 1904. This translation is from 1947. Wikipedia on Rudolph Steiner: "Rudolf Joseph Lorenz Steiner (25 or 27 February 1861-30 March 1925) was an Austrian philosopher, social thinker, architect and esotericist. He gained initial recognition as a literary critic and cultural philosopher. At the beginning of the twentieth century, he founded a new spiritual movement, Anthroposophy, as an esoteric philosophy growing out of European transcendentalism and with links to Theosophy." (Wikipedia)

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Thumbnail: Hodgson cover

Author: William Hope Hodgson
Title: The House on the Borderland
Genre: Horror

Hodgson’s masterpiece of cosmic horror. Highly recommended for fans of H.P. Lovecraft. Wikipedia: "The book is a milestone that signals the leaving of the realistic nature of supernatural fiction of the late 19th century. Hodgson follows out of the ghost story and the gothic to create a newer cosmic horror that leaves a great impression on the people who would become the great writers of the weird tales of the middle of the 20th century…." (Wikipedia)

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